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Dartmoor, Devon, United Kingdom
I am an outsider artist living on the edge. I make grotesqueries, ossuaries, reliquaries, auguries and memento mori. I work primarily with the bones, and skulls, I find when drifting off route. The work is also Inspired by the majestic, gothic surrealism of Ossuaries and Charnel Houses. I am gradually creating a contemporary charnel to the bones on the moor, with an eye on the more extravagant fringes of macabre religiosity. These works pay homage to many various manifestations of obscure and ancient belief, and humanity's attempts to rationalize and come to terms with the knowledge of its own mortality. I am also beginning to document as many paintings as I can from the last 20 years. If you have an original of mine, and it isn't in the Paintings section, please contact me as I would love to document it for my archives.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Open studio at Phoenix Festival

Thanks to all those who visited the studio space I share with Helen Hockin at Zu in Lewes.  We had several hundred visitors over the day, and many illuminating conversations. The event at large had over five thousand people attend.  A Huge success all round.

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